Frequently Asked Questions


I offer various types of postage including registered post. I only post through Australia Post bot international and local (Australia).

Potential buyers should make all efforts in protecting their investment by choosing Registered Post where applicable. Registered post will provide you an Australia Post tracking number.

Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers will enable you to track your product through the Australia Post website, you will be able to see when it was collected, posted, in transit and delivered. It is the most secured way to ensure you receive your product or a refund.

Postage Costs

I have no control of postage costs on this website, they are automatically obtained from Australia Post themselves. I do not charge for handling or packaging.

Refunds for non registered post products

Please refer to the refunds policy. To avoid fraudulent activity, as there is no way of knowing if a product was received, refunds are not offered to non registered items. Other types of refunds may be possible.


Remember that you are in control, it is entirely your choice which way a product is shipped.

I mainly post in Australia however I post internationally. I only use Australia Post for international and local.

Yes, unless you are going to collect the product from me via “Local Pickup”.

I do not control postage costs for either Australian or International postage.

The postage costs are determined automatically by Australia Post via an API.

The buyer (you) is responsible for all return costs including appropriate packaging.

Return postage costs including the cost of packaging is not refundable

Most definitely, if you have something to sell, I am always interested.

Please emails me photos and a full description. Because there is no lock-in contract payment will not be made until I receive the product and am happy with what I will be buying. If I am not satisfied, I will return the product to you as it was received.

If you experience any difficulty with our website or anything, please either email me or use the contact form.

Please provide as much information as you can, the more information you can provide me, the better i will be able to assist you.